salzburg city

this is "the best view in all of salzburg" - the salzach river and most of the town from the roof of the hotel stein. thanks to our sound of music tour guide for the insider tip.

center of a bridge crossing the salzac river.

hohensalzburg castle

hohensalzburg castle began construction around 1100 and has sat atop salzburg, expanding over time since then. the caste has been the home of princes, arch-bishops, the seat of government and bastion of salzburg's independence battle in the late 1800's and more - a wonderful thousand year history. these views are from the high towers of the castle looking out over the city of salzburg and farther afield.

the alps

the mountains outside of salzburg were a breathtaking mix of lakes and mountains spread across miles and miles of countryside.

"the von trapp family house"

the "villa von trapp," located on the outskirts of salzburg on hellbrunner allee, now houses a music conservatory for children but in 1964 it served as the fictional set for the real life von trapp family story the sound of music. the first is the entire back of the house, viewed several times in the film (though the reverse angle was shot at a different location). the second is a view off the allee of the surrounding countryside.

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