views of the old city

this wonderful southern view of prague was taken here, at the bottom of pražský hrad, the prague castle. a cathedral, palace and current seat of the prague government and tourism departments, you can see this landmark rising above the city in panoramas taken from the charles river as well.

this image, as well as the one below it, were taken from the petrin tower, the "eiffel tower of prague", built only two years later and not actually fashioned after the paris version. it was used to transmit radio broadcasts and later television until turned completely into an observatory in 1992. the tower is located here, on the west bank of the vltava river and near the highest point in the city. the first image is taken looking further west, towards the country, while the second looks out over the prague castle and charles river.

the vltava river

the vltava river is the czech republic's longest and bisects the city of prague into east and west banks. the first panorama includes the famed charles bridge while the second panorama was taken facing west while standing on it, here.

prague old town square

the old town square is the historic center of old prague and filled with architecture, culture and religion. lined with churches and shops, the square is always alive with performers, food vendors and merchants.

the following series of paroramas were taken from atop the old town city hall tower, on which prague's famous astronomical clock is installed. the tower provides an excellent view of the old quarter of the city.

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