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this was taken from the middle of casco viejo, the old quarter of panama city. built adjacent to the bay, this area of the city was where ships first traded goods in panama. the new high rise construction is very visible across the bay. i was standing here when i took this.

legend has it that christopher columbus gave portobelo san lorenzo its name, meaning "beautiful port," when he first arrived there in 1502. now it is a series of deserted fortifications that protected the first western explorers as they collected furs and searched for gold in the new land.

this is the incredible view form castillo de san lorenzo, located here on the northern coast of panama, near colon. looking directly north, the nearest land mass is cuba and florida beyond that.

today, paseo esteban huertas is a lovely promenade with vendors and children playing. several hundred years ago, it was the fortification that protected the old city of panama. right off the bay of panama, you can clearly see the bridge of the americas which spans the entire pacific entrance to the canal and links both sides of panama city.

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